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Animated in Maya 3D
Animated in Maya 3D
Red Star Cinematic animation created for Acclaim.
Motion capture cleanup for Motus Digital using Motion Builder.
"Pixel Perfect" kissing lips effect for Disney Channel.
Created in After Effects
Sample animation for the Container Store -- “Man Lost in the Desert".
Kinetic Type Sampler using a portion of the 1988 speech delivered by Ann Richards, Govenor of Texas.
Informative charts for Alcon's Trade Show Kiosk.
Chroma Keyed Puppets composited with Animation in AfterEffects.
Animation created in After Effects from artwork created in Photoshop for Vought.
Artwork created in Photoshop, animated with After Effects with animated text effects.
Tracking and Wire Removal for “the Mold Movie”.
Tracking and replacement of warning signs for Hit Entertainment.
Animation created for Hit Entertainment in After Effects from artwork created in Illustrator.
Created in After Effects using retro style art and vintage voice over.
  Holiday Greetings used for promotional purposes and distributed as a .swf file.