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Multimedia Specialist developes “Script to Screen and Inbetween.”

I've just relocated back to California to be near friends and family and get the cool ocean breezes. I am looking to combine my experience in graphics and animation, video and education into a new career.

I am a seasoned professional with experience in production for broadcast television and entertainment developing 2D and 3D graphics and animation. I am comfortable breaking down a large project into a feasible production schedule and working incrementally from an initial script to the storyboard and on to a finish project delivered on time and within budget. Working independently and with a team of designers, and specialists, has been a part of my working process throughout my career.

For the past nine years I have been teaching part-time in the Richland College Multimedia Department as an Adjunct Instructor guiding adult students to write scripts, create storyboards and edit video presentations, and to design and create websites, digital images and animation. Everyday I work to break down complex ideas into basic steps that lead students from rudimentary understanding to full competency.


I have expertise and competence in the Adobe Creative Suite on both Mac and PC and extensive experience creating motion graphics in AfterEffects, editing in Premiere with some additional experience in Final Cut Pro. I also have created video training tutorials for my part time job for the Media Monitoring Network portal, instructing customers how to view and archive their media clips and make custom reports. These videos were compressed to stream without hesitation, balancing resolution with file size. For this project, I wrote the script, recorded the voiceover created the 2D opening animation in After Effects and captured the video using Camtasia.

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STRENGTH: As a designer, I create visual solutions that communicate and create clarity and understanding. My greatest gift is a creative mind that enjoys finding multiple solutions to problems.

I have taken on contract work as a videographer by shooting competitions and performances such as the Cheer Camp at Cowboy Stadium with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, the Women’s Chorus of Dallas at the Dallas Arts Center and dance performances at the Wilmer-Hutchins High School. I also filmed and edited speakers and performers for the “Total You Women’s Wellness Forum” creating a seven minute promotional marketing video for DVD and internet distribution.

I am looking to expand into the world of instructional development, combining my expertise in multimedia with my experience in education.

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