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These three video tutorials were created in Camtasia to train NeuroGym team members on how to find, download, share and upload media files from NeuroGym's digital library on
Finding Files

How to Find Media Files on NeuroGym's MediaSilo Database.

Sharing Files

How to Download & Share Media Files from NeuroGym's MediaSilo Database.

Upload Media Files

How to Upload Media Files to NeuroGym's MediaSilo Database.

These five video training tutorials were created in Camtasia for the Media Monitoring Network portal instructing users on how to view, print, and archive articles and to sort and create custom reports.

How to Logon to Your Media Clips Homepage.


How to Arrange, Return, Archive and Delete Your Media Clips.


How to View, Print and Download Your Media Clips.


How to Create Subject Tags, Key Words and Notes.


How to Create and Export Custom Reports.

Click to save and view Training developed in PowerPoint:

NeuroGym MediaSilo

Mastering NeuroGym's MediaSilo


Five Dirty Lies of Media Monitoring

Logo Design Lecture

How to Design a Logo Lecture